1975 pay scale

I discovered this in my log book, so I thought I’d post it to remind us all what we were worth almost 37 years ago. I suspect that there were variations to these rates. Given Larry’s sense of humour, note the date, although the date probably has more to do with the fiscal year’s bedginning.

In the days of the old school house by Orleans, Shirley used to keep it all straight. By the time we moved to/from Bells Corners to Carleton Place, the outfit had a bunch of bean counters. I think Shirley ran it all better back in the old days, but obviously she couldn’t do everything once the massive growth began. I can’t imagine how anyone was able to keep a handle on the monster in the late ’70s.

Some of us negotiated very different rates for overseas work.

I have no idea what the pay scale was for engineers.

Does anyone have any pilot or engineer rate sheets for other years?

Does anyone have any current rates they’d like to share?

Viking's 1975 pay scale

4 thoughts on “1975 pay scale


    Hadn’t seen my Dad’s scribble in years – it became less and less legible as Viking became more successful (and had more bills to pay).

    1. Twolane Post author

      I’ve been going through some of my old papers and shredding most of them, including the leases. If I had to sign as much as he did, my sig would be illegible also.

  2. Rick Tyefisher

    If I remember correctly from my days at Lambs at about the same time, pay for a newly licenced Engineer (myself) was $800 a month + $10 a day “bush’ pay and $2 an hour flying time when you were with the ship away from base. Seemed like I was a lot richer back then for some reason!

    1. Twolane Post author

      It does seem like we all were a lot richer back then, but I think the passage of time mellows out a lot of things. Although I was happy when I decided to leave the business, my memories are, for the most part, good ones of people, places and fellow employees who all worked hard and played hard and did their jobs extremely well.


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