A case of cola oversupply

A lone semi pulled off the brand-new road in a cloud of dust and into the Dryden-18 base camp at Pine Beach on Eagle Lake. People rushed out to open the trailer doors and unload the supplies that would be needed out in the line camps. To their great surprise, the trailer wasn’t filled with groceries and line camp supplies.

Premier Bill Davis tours the fire

District Fire Manager Stan Sprager and Premier Bill Davis land back at the base camp on July 11. Marc Pigeon in GODX did the flying honors.

Nope, no camp supplies here.

It was filled with cases of cola. Once the trailer was completely unloaded, the tally turned out to be ten thousand cases of cola. Considering the number of men on a fire this size, that wouldn’t be a problem. Eventually, the cola would get used. If not, what was left over would end up in warehouses across the Province and be used over the course of the summer

However, there was just one problem, and not an insignificant one: Bill Davis, the Premier of Ontario, and Leo Bernier, the Minister of Natural Resources, were both due to arrive for a tour of the Dryden-18 base camp on the very day that people in the base camp were scratching their heads over what the hell to do with the giant cola shipment.

While both men were hustled out and loaded into a helicopter for an airborne tour of the fire line, base-camp bodies scrambled to erect line camp tents. Once erected, the tents were then filled with cola cases stacked in the shape of the tent. When Davis and Bernier returned to Pine Beach, they received their requested tour of the huge tent camp.

Neither Davis nor Bernier pulled back the flap on any of the tents to look inside.

It turned out that a zero had been mistakenly added to an order, resulting in a mad scramble by the supplier to provide the requested product.

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