Accounting 101

On a day when Larry and I were sitting around shooting the breeze (which didn’t happen all that often, I might add), I remember laughing as he told me about his pickle jar theory of accounting. I had never heard of it, so I asked the obvious question.

“It’s simple,” he explained, grinning. “You take two big pickle jars. One is for the money coming in, and the second is for the money going out. As long as there‚Äôs more money in the pickle jar for the money coming in, everything is fine.”

To this day I smile when I remember his joking explanation, and I myself have since used his pickle jar analogy more than a few times when making light of a financial situation.

Back in my flight training days, we discovered another use for the pickle jar.

4 thoughts on “Accounting 101

  1. Mark Campahug

    found this reference to Dad on Verticle Mag… (link now working)

    “Yes, a few sharrp characters along the way have been able to score huge in the industry, but the huge majority have been non-starters, and they litter the years since the likes of Carl Agar. Jack Fleming, Alf Stringer, Herb Johnstone and Larry Camphaug.”

    1. Twolane Post author

      There’s no doubt that Larry is in good company with those men, all of them pioneers in the helicopter industry and giants in their own right.

    1. Twolane Post author

      Hello again, Mark,

      Your dad was instrumental in my beginning flying career. As well, the years I spent working for Larry gave me a wealth of experience that provided me with many opportunities when I retired from active flying. Without that experience, I wouldn’t have been able to fly a desk for many more years, removed from active flying, but still very much involved in aviation. I am forever in his debt for taking a chance on me when I was 21 and just beginning my life in aviation.

      Thanks yet again for coming by,


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