Derek Reny has sent in some photos

Derek Reny has sent in some photos of Viking’s Bell 204, CF-ZAE, in 1973. If you can provide any information on where it was or what it was doing, please email twolane at gmail dot com to update the images, located here.

One thought on “Derek Reny has sent in some photos

  1. David Thompson

    i believe the first photo is sam and jack mccormick in grand falls nfld. viking had a contract installing power line towers in that area. I drove up there with a truck and trailer to pick up a damaged 500 . I managed to get a couple of trips with jack hauling out sections of the towers. viking sold the 204 after that job and replaced it with a new 205 CF-VIK and a second 205 later . both of these a/c worked on a polar gas pipe line survey in the nwt along the hudson bay coast line. I have photos i’ll try and get them to you


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