Late July timeline

July 9, 1974

The count of firefighters had risen to 350. A ray of hope momentarily appeared when some rain fell in the Vermilion Bay area, allowing the 1,200 resident and tourists to return.

Air attack aircraft from B.C., Alberta, the Northwest Territories and Qu├ębec were on-scene and extremely busy.

The U.S.F.S. infra-red sensing aircraft remained on-site to provide mapping detail through the smoke.

July 11

  • Premier Bill Davis and Natural Resources Minister Leo Bernier toured the fire .
  • 920 persons, including 110 unit crews, 310 EFF, 56 support staff were now in the Region.
  • 129 Ontario Provincial Police officers were scattered throughout the region.

July 25

  • A total of 14 airtankers were working the fire.
  • 26 helicopters were doing the down and dirty work.

August 7

A reporter was flown out to a line camp where a Crew Leader from back east was supervising his 4-man crew and 25 native firefighters. During an interview, the Crew Leader states, “No reasons for me to sleep out here on the ground, is there?” Once that ended up in print, it was the end of his resort vacation at Pine Beach.

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