Polar Gas/LGL bird survey – summer 1975

In June I ferried C-FAHG from the Conawapa contract in northern Manitoba to Churchill and across to North Henik Lake. LGL Limited had arranged for us to stay in accommodations provided by the lodge. It was a nice spot, and the cabins, though primitive, were quite the welcome change from tents.

Henik Lake - 1975

Henik Lake, 1975

One of the Polar Gas proposed pipeline routes was to be from the Arctic islands through Spence Bay (now named Taloyoak since 1992) on the Boothia Peninsula and from there south to the northern Manitoba boundary. Our bird survey covered the proposed route to 100 feet in width, if I remember correctly.

The contract called for a survey height above ground at 50 feet. I never considered that a major problem, since the Arctic ground was barren, and lacked trees or any other obstacles. Given the regulatory requirements of today, I strongly suspect that such a low-altitude flight path over uninhabited and structurally deficient terrain (did I mention that it’s treeless?) would provide a company employee with uncountable hours of obtaining flight approvals.

Spence Bay Dewline - 1975. These sites are long gone now.

Spence Bay DEW Line, 1975. These sites are long gone now. White Alice antennae in the foreground were used for communications with each site.

The job ended up being uneventful, although I did fly the proposed route so many times that I could do it without the map.

Spence Bay, 1975. It's called Toyaloak now.

Spence Bay, 1975. It’s called Taloyoak now.

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