Thanks for the memories

I’m saddened to learn that Jim Hawes passed away. When I met him in 1971, Jim was an engineer with Midwest. At the time, I was a lowly apprentice. Jim later went on to own Custom Helicopters.

Occasionally, when I rode east, I’d stop in for a visit at the hangar and we’d share some laughs and tall tales while reminiscing over the experiences we had and the people we knew from “back in the old days”. Both he and I always spoke kindly of them all, and we did so with huge grins on our faces.

Thanks for the memories, Jim. It was great to have known you.

One thought on “Thanks for the memories

  1. doug potts

    I was really sorry to here that Jim had passed away,I had great respect for him.Had a lot good times with Jim and Eddie.Missed not seeing him at the hai in Louisville this year.I did meet up with some old friends from Custom. doug potts


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