The fleet grows

For any of you old timers out there who happen to come by, here’s a couple of .pdf snapshots of the helicopter industry in Canada in 1971, and then again two years later in 1973. The two .pdf images represent an overview of most, if not all, of the companies operating in Canada during those years. Given the time frame, many have disappeared over the intervening decades.

  • What’s interesting is that in 1971, Viking Helicopters is shown to have one Hughes 500, one Bell 47J and six Bell 47G.
  • Only two years later in 1973, the picture changed substantially, with the turbine engine beginning to emerge a winner: one JetRanger, five Hughes 500, one Bell 47J, and eight Bell 47G.

Little did we all know that into the mid- and late-‘70s, Viking would eventually grow to become the second-largest helicopter operator with a fleet of 60 machines located in Canada and Africa.

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